Tuesday’s Tea Cup #1

Happy Valentines! If you haven’t checked out my little freebie peach cards check those out here!

Welcome to my first Teacup Tuesday, which is my own personal log of the past week and my hopes for this week, as well as my favorite drink of the week.

Given I’ve lived the past week on cafe food, picking a favorite drink is hard, even picking a favorite place I’ve been is too hard. But when it comes down to it, I’ve visited Sheboygan’s Glas Coffeehouse the most-after being astounded by their ‘Berry Great Day’ a berry smoothie/coffee, which isn’t something I’ve even heard of until now.

I submitted an application there, after the only callback I got lead to a dead end. Which, honestly, was at a ritzy and fancy cafe in Kohler, I had felt too shabby even eating in, and to think I could pull off working there was a bit extreme-but it was a culinary dream. Meaning I’ve really got my fingers crossed for Glas.

Aside from cafe touring and applications I’ve also applied to my first college course, which starts tonight! After last month’s trip to Mexico, I’ve been inspired to pick up another language-and have been torn between Japanese, German, and Spanish for awhile now (as well as just about every language I’m reminded of-I’m kinda a language nerd, despite only speaking just English), but my mother’s right, Spanish is probably the most practical around here.

I also signed up for a cake decorating class for the weekend, that I was super pumped about-but it seems like I was the only one, seeing as it was canceled due to not having enough members. Hopefully I’ll enroll in more culinary classes in the future, and instead of working cafe jobs, one day I’ll run my own cafe (or a food blog would be nice).

Aside from finally getting a job, I’m not too sure I have many other goals for the week at least. What’s your dream job? Are you living it? Lemme know in the comments below!

Stay Peachy,


Motivational Mondays #1: 5 Things to Spunk up Your Bullet Journal

Welcome to the kick off of Motivational Mondays, where I hope to share a bit of my weekly inspiration in hopes to inspire you as well. Today’s inspiration; arguably my personal favorite, and most helpful way to stay creative – is journaling.

Journaling can really be anything, and can start as simply as jotting down notes on an empty document or on the back of an old school schedule. However, that’s not what I’m here to talk about, or at least not exactly; with today’s creative minds personalized journals are key, and bullet journals are just that.

If you don’t know what bullet journals are you can check out my pinterest board here for a quick collection of different types of journals out there. Or you can check a few of these other posts by other bloggers about starting your own.




Simply put, a bullet journal isn’t just a diary – but also a personal log which is kind of cool for goals, record keeping, and trying to keep up with habits (like blogging).

Chances are, that if you’re reading this, you already know what a bullet journal, and are looking for a bit more of a filler for your own journal, so without further ado, here are 10 things to spunk up your bullet journal.

Sleep Schedule


If you’re anything like me, you sleep for garbage, and often without any rhyme or reason on why. Simply keeping a log of when you go to bed, if you wake up throughout the night, or when you wake up in the morning, is a great way to start understanding your sleep problems. Are your bedtimes irregular? Do you always wake up at 2 am to take a pee? How many mornings are you sacrificing a nice shower to half an hour of sleep?

Maybe you sleep just fine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get something out of tracking your sleep. Keep tabs on the nights you dream (and possibly even what your dreams are), or the nights you have nightmares. Simply recalling the dreams enough to log you had one, might be enough to keep the ideas in your head, and you might just find that you’re dreaming a bit more than you had realized.


As someone whose feelings have often been belittled from being ‘hormonal’ or only upset because it’s ‘that time of the month’, I’ve found that mood logs can be incredibly helpful.

There’s two ways to approach this, you can assign moods a color and take a more elementary school approach, or you can create a mood checklist not all that different than a chore checklist.

Now, although I personally don’t prefer the first method (given it seems silly to label a day with only one emotion) it does work, and lots of people do it that way. However, I would recommend only using that method if you also intend on jotting down why it was your over all feeling, or if you would break up your mood log throughout the day and take three or so logs rather than just one.

Personally, I just like to log what experiences I’ve had throughout the day. I check off things like crying, feeling inspired, or yelling. But then again, that’s just me.


I’ve seen many people keep a water log in their bullet journal, which is a fun way to try and keep up with your daily health (and something I need to give a better shot). However, when it comes to dietal health, water logs are just the tip of the iceberg for ways your bullet journal can help.

If you’re trying to eat more healthy in general, you can log the days that you didn’t eat out, sugar, gmos, or meat, depending on the diet you’d like to maintain. You can try the opposite and only log the things that you do (such as logging every day you eat out); however, as it’s the opposite of your goal, it would (hopefully) result in empty columns, which doesn’t lead to the same fulfilling feeling.

Don’t limit water to the only drink you log either. Maybe try logging your caffeine intake and see how it compares to other logs (perhaps you’ll realize the days you drink caffeine end up leading to an uneven sleep schedule). Or you could log every day you don’t drink soda, the possibilities are endless.


I find, that rather than logging the days you exercise, that it’s best to make a list of workout activities and pick a few of them to log. However, if you’re the type looking to one day reflect upon filled journals, this may leave man gaps and you may prefer to instead log how long you exercised that day.

Also keep in mind, exercise doesn’t have to mean you hit the gym that day. Maybe you decide to walk (or jog) around the neighborhood or play a round of tennis with your friends, exercise can be different every day.


I am someone who loves detailed lists, and I feel like chore lists only work for those types of people. My father for instance, can’t understand why on earth people need to check of chores they do daily.

Personally I feel like if you check of that you will make your bed, do laundry, and sweep in the morning you’ll be a little more motivated to do so-especially if you’re already in the habit of meeting a checklist.

What do you add to your bullet journal? Where any of these useful? Lemme know in the comments below! Also don’t be afraid to leave pictures of your journal, I’d love to see them!


Stay Peachy,


Plants for people without a greenthumb

In the harsh winter world I live in, it’s hard to not love plants. However, with the love of life, comes a responsibility that I can’t seem to handle, especially when the plants can’t remind me it’s been two weeks since I’ve last watered them.

Usually, you can’t go wrong with basic house plants, you know those fake looking Walmart plants and the ones you see in a doctors office? These include Anthuriums, Peace Lilys, and really any waxy looking plant.

Secondly, as pictured, and my personal favorite; succulents. Although most might think of cacti, there are many other shapes, sizes, and colors that succulents can come in.

Lastly, bamboo and orchids appear to also be plants that need less attention-which is great if you’d like something more exotic.

However, with all these plants I’d recommend buying an already grown plant, considering just like any other baby, baby plants need lots of care.

If all else fails, plastic plants still make for nice decor.

Do you care for any plants? What kinds? Do they have names? Snap a photo and leave it in the comments!

Stay Peachy,


Why I stopped shaving (and why you should try too)

I remember back in the third grade when my  best friend at the time had called me out for my disgustingly hairy arms-and told me I needed to learn to shave. She wasn’t the last either, my freshman year I was passing out papers and just so happened to brush someone causing them to “flinch” in reaction.

Everyone around here has arm hair, I just happened to be unfortunate enough to be stuck with darker and thicker hair, which became an easy target. It wasn’t long until I felt that my hair had made me untouchable.

Now, it’s uncommon – around here at least – for anyone  to shave their arms. So unless I felt like wearing long sleeves year round I was a bit stuck. For awhile I remember my mother taking scissors in attempt to trim down my arm hair, and I followed up doing the same.

It wasn’t until the past May that made me feel comfortable with my arms. I was heading to an open mic with my boyfriend, and had decided to wear a dress-which of course meant making sure there wasn’t a single hair on my legs.

Anyone who’s ever used a cheap razor knows the pain of nipped ankles, and anyone who hasn’t, pays too much in pink tax. Point in case, rather that having barely noticeable sprouts of hair, I now had a gash running down my knee and a bulky bandage to cover it. There wasn’t a single person who didn’t notice my legs that day and for what? An unfair beauty standard? I was unhappy doing?

So I decided to try not to shave, using the gash on my leg as a perfect excuse. The first few weeks I was embarrassed to show my legs, and felt anxious  around any new people I met. I  panicked when my legs brushed my boyfriend – but I had almost completely overcome the “grossness” of my arms. After a month I started feeling more comfortable with my body as a whole, and began to start wearing shorts and dresses outside of my house.

Almost a year later, it’s probably one of the best self positive things I’ve ever done. I have gotten comments about my legs, and there are many times I still feel uncomfortable with the hair, but as a most part I am a lot more happy.

Have you ever participated in No Shave November? Why or why not? How did it make you feel? Lemme know in the comments below!

Stay Peachy,


John Micheal Kohler Arts Museum

Okay. So I really only went because I knew they had volunteer opportunities that worked with art and kids which I both love (most of the time), but as it turns out I showed up way too early and totally missed who I needed to talk to.

Never the less I toured the museum, surprised to find it wasn’t all that different from when I had last went 4-5 years ago. As a middleschooler they exhausted field trips there trying to get us jacked about fine arts-which for the most part takes a bit of a more mature taste.

I was delighted (yet confused) to see a very child like exhibit. Unfortunately I forgot to check the artist’s name, but I got a few snap shots to share.

The rest of the gallery composed of items such as googly eyes, clay wads, perler beads, and plastic gems all strung about the hall, and it reminded a lot of my siblings’ rooms.

Of course, this wasn’t all the museum had on display, it was simply my favorite.  With any luck I’ll be able to start working with the young artists who visit the museum and have more art to share. If not I’m sure I’ll visit other museums around here, and still have art to share.

Do you live near an art museum? What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen on display? If you’ve got photos be sure to share them in the comments below!

Stay Peachy,