Adventures in Job Searching

As a high schooler I worked two jobs, neither of which anything too serious considering I don’t have rent or major bills to pay for quite yet.

My first, a well loved ice cream shop across the street from my school, that doubled as a sub shop. Despite my nightly complaints, I loved that job from the coworkers who became good friends, to the monsterous ice cream concoctions it was probably the best thing I could have gotten for a first job.

However, all good things come to a end, and as the management became more and more strict all the people who made the rough nights worth it had all long gone and I threw in my apron too, and on my last week I was offered a job at another one of my favorite places in our small town: an old bookstore.

I adore books, and although I’m a lazy reader, I can get lost in a bookstore. It had seemed like a dream job at the time, but, I feel like if anything it’s ruined the magic of old books for me, or at the very least that store. It’s not a bad it’s just not a good job for me.

So today I set out on the task of finding a new job, and boy. One should never hold expectations for what seems like a mundane task.

My first stop was a dud cafe that had almost resulted in a car crash on my way trying to find the place. After being told it was basically pointless for me to fill out an application I burnt myself on gross burnt flavored coffee, but that’s okay because I didn’t really need to use my tongue for the flavorless burrito I was served.

Secondly, honestly my favorite stop, was Cold Stone Creamery. I’ve only been there a handful of times, but man if there’s anything more magical than making ice cream let me know. I kinda choked walking in, I hate ordering for myself, and just asked the kid working to make me his favorite. With raised eyebrows he agreed and whipped up a cold cup of heavenly diabetes. He was nice enough to help me with any questions, and even claims to put in a good word to his manager. I really have my fingers crossed for this one.

My main point, was to try and find a cafe job because I felt like it provides a really great atmosphere for aspiring artists, much like myself. I took a stop at a coffee shop I tried back in the fall, which at the time had been awkwardly empty. I was delighted to see it was now bursting with people. I believe I had a brief encounter with the manager-but I don’t think I did anything note worthy, especially given my antisocial bum has trouble choking out pleases and thank yous.

Lastly, the only actual place I meant to seek out today, was another cafe. I asked for an application and was handed an order receipt from some kid with a spikey purple mohawk and was told to write anything important. Honestly if that doesn’t make a job appealing I’m not sure what does. I gave a small description of what a cafe nerd I was and a doodle of myself and some fruit and I hope that counts as enough, I have my fingers crossed for the one too.

What were some of the weird jobs you’ve done? Or applied for? Lemme know in the comments below!

Stay peachy,