Hey! First of all I’d like to thank you for stopping by my blog! If you made it to this page, chances are, you’re looking to learn a little more about whats all posted here. Look no further, because here is the weekly schedule; however, please note that not every post is met every week-but I do try to get at least three posts out a week.


Often seen a painful recovery from the weekend, Mondays for most seem to be a drag. However, I’d like to try to kick off the week with a wee bit of motivation-thus the birth of Motivational Mondays which is geared towards weekly creativity inspirations such as mood boards, prompts, and stories.


If you survived Monday, the week tends to start getting easier-especially with a steaming cup of tea (or in some cases coffee); Tuesday’s Teacup is my personal over look on last week, and  my goals for the current week.

These are personal stories and reflections, and are purely meant for my own records and insight to readers on who I really am, behind the blog.

In addition, I give my favorite cup of tea or coffee drank during the week- as something to try out in the future.


With the work week half way over, I think it’s important to take in consideration the others in our lives. Have you spent the week working hard? Maybe it’s time to take a little break and socialize! Work With Me Wednesdays, are collaborative posts and projects I’d like to share.

If you’d be interested in collaborating on a project, art, or writing, please contact me at with your ideas!


It’s important to0 learn new things everyday, and Teach Me Thursdays are designed with that in mind. Here’s where I share a bit of advice on art, design, life, and blogging.

If you’ve got questions, don’t be afraid to ask-they just might end up being the spark for next week’s tutorial!


What better way to start out the weekend, than with something free? That’s right! Freebie Fridays are weekly printable, worksheets, and resources you can use for home, school, work, or your blog.

Saturday and Sunday

Although I’d like to reserve the weekend as personal days (aka fine tuning on next week’s blog posts and design updates) doesn’t mean that the weekend has to be empty. The weekends are reserved for guests! If you’ve got something you think that fits my blog, feel free to shoot me an email at . This may be either a written or artistic contribution!