John Micheal Kohler Arts Museum

Okay. So I really only went because I knew they had volunteer opportunities that worked with art and kids which I both love (most of the time), but as it turns out I showed up way too early and totally missed who I needed to talk to.

Never the less I toured the museum, surprised to find it wasn’t all that different from when I had last went 4-5 years ago. As a middleschooler they exhausted field trips there trying to get us jacked about fine arts-which for the most part takes a bit of a more mature taste.

I was delighted (yet confused) to see a very child like exhibit. Unfortunately I forgot to check the artist’s name, but I got a few snap shots to share.

The rest of the gallery composed of items such as googly eyes, clay wads, perler beads, and plastic gems all strung about the hall, and it reminded a lot of my siblings’ rooms.

Of course, this wasn’t all the museum had on display, it was simply my favorite.  With any luck I’ll be able to start working with the young artists who visit the museum and have more art to share. If not I’m sure I’ll visit other museums around here, and still have art to share.

Do you live near an art museum? What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen on display? If you’ve got photos be sure to share them in the comments below!

Stay Peachy,