Why I stopped shaving (and why you should try too)

I remember back in the third grade when my  best friend at the time had called me out for my disgustingly hairy arms-and told me I needed to learn to shave. She wasn’t the last either, my freshman year I was passing out papers and just so happened to brush someone causing them to “flinch” in reaction.

Everyone around here has arm hair, I just happened to be unfortunate enough to be stuck with darker and thicker hair, which became an easy target. It wasn’t long until I felt that my hair had made me untouchable.

Now, it’s uncommon – around here at least – for anyone  to shave their arms. So unless I felt like wearing long sleeves year round I was a bit stuck. For awhile I remember my mother taking scissors in attempt to trim down my arm hair, and I followed up doing the same.

It wasn’t until the past May that made me feel comfortable with my arms. I was heading to an open mic with my boyfriend, and had decided to wear a dress-which of course meant making sure there wasn’t a single hair on my legs.

Anyone who’s ever used a cheap razor knows the pain of nipped ankles, and anyone who hasn’t, pays too much in pink tax. Point in case, rather that having barely noticeable sprouts of hair, I now had a gash running down my knee and a bulky bandage to cover it. There wasn’t a single person who didn’t notice my legs that day and for what? An unfair beauty standard? I was unhappy doing?

So I decided to try not to shave, using the gash on my leg as a perfect excuse. The first few weeks I was embarrassed to show my legs, and felt anxious  around any new people I met. I  panicked when my legs brushed my boyfriend – but I had almost completely overcome the “grossness” of my arms. After a month I started feeling more comfortable with my body as a whole, and began to start wearing shorts and dresses outside of my house.

Almost a year later, it’s probably one of the best self positive things I’ve ever done. I have gotten comments about my legs, and there are many times I still feel uncomfortable with the hair, but as a most part I am a lot more happy.

Have you ever participated in No Shave November? Why or why not? How did it make you feel? Lemme know in the comments below!

Stay Peachy,