Plants for people without a greenthumb

In the harsh winter world I live in, it’s hard to not love plants. However, with the love of life, comes a responsibility that I can’t seem to handle, especially when the plants can’t remind me it’s been two weeks since I’ve last watered them.

Usually, you can’t go wrong with basic house plants, you know those fake looking Walmart plants and the ones you see in a doctors office? These include Anthuriums, Peace Lilys, and really any waxy looking plant.

Secondly, as pictured, and my personal favorite; succulents. Although most might think of cacti, there are many other shapes, sizes, and colors that succulents can come in.

Lastly, bamboo and orchids appear to also be plants that need less attention-which is great if you’d like something more exotic.

However, with all these plants I’d recommend buying an already grown plant, considering just like any other baby, baby plants need lots of care.

If all else fails, plastic plants still make for nice decor.

Do you care for any plants? What kinds? Do they have names? Snap a photo and leave it in the comments!

Stay Peachy,