Tuesday’s Tea Cup #1

Happy Valentines! If you haven’t checked out my little freebie peach cards check those out here!

Welcome to my first Teacup Tuesday, which is my own personal log of the past week and my hopes for this week, as well as my favorite drink of the week.

Given I’ve lived the past week on cafe food, picking a favorite drink is hard, even picking a favorite place I’ve been is too hard. But when it comes down to it, I’ve visited Sheboygan’s Glas Coffeehouse the most-after being astounded by their ‘Berry Great Day’ a berry smoothie/coffee, which isn’t something I’ve even heard of until now.

I submitted an application there, after the only callback I got lead to a dead end. Which, honestly, was at a ritzy and fancy cafe in Kohler, I had felt too shabby even eating in, and to think I could pull off working there was a bit extreme-but it was a culinary dream. Meaning I’ve really got my fingers crossed for Glas.

Aside from cafe touring and applications I’ve also applied to my first college course, which starts tonight! After last month’s trip to Mexico, I’ve been inspired to pick up another language-and have been torn between Japanese, German, and Spanish for awhile now (as well as just about every language I’m reminded of-I’m kinda a language nerd, despite only speaking just English), but my mother’s right, Spanish is probably the most practical around here.

I also signed up for a cake decorating class for the weekend, that I was super pumped about-but it seems like I was the only one, seeing as it was canceled due to not having enough members. Hopefully I’ll enroll in more culinary classes in the future, and instead of working cafe jobs, one day I’ll run my own cafe (or a food blog would be nice).

Aside from finally getting a job, I’m not too sure I have many other goals for the week at least. What’s your dream job? Are you living it? Lemme know in the comments below!

Stay Peachy,